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Online Life Insurance

Let us get your online life insurance quote and if it’s right we will walk you through the application. Don't worry you are not dealing with a call centre.

Life insurance and critical illness insurance

Vanilla Life is all about helping you find the online life insurance cover you want, and then we will help you apply for life insurance.

We understand that many people like the safety and handholding service which we can provide, but we also know that there are many people who have the confidence to choose their own online life insurance policies while ensuring they are get the lowest price and best quality life insurance. More

Online Life insurance:

We have the tools to find the best possible online life insurance to meet your needs

Low cost life insurance:

We keep our costs low to bring you the most copetitive life insurance quotes.

First class service:

Our advisers will take you through every step of the process, from finding the rights products to ensuring your application is underwritten swiftly.

So what are you waiting for:

Let us serach for the best deal on life insurance for you right away!! Get Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance needs

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Life insurance from Vanilla Life

Our service proposition has been designed with the customer in focus. Your online life insurance needs are central to the way our process is built. We understand that more and more people are becoming online savvy, and are happy to research online for their life insurance and find low cost life insurance rates.

We understand that you want to research, quote and apply for your term life insurance in the comfort of your own home – so that’s what we allow you to do.

We deal with a wide range of insurance companies right accross the market. We will provide the information to allow you to decide on the life insurance you need.


Life insurance

Life insurance is all about piece of mind – ensuring that should the worst happen the last thing your loved ones have to worry about is money.

We make the whole process of applying for term insurance as simple as possible by taking the administration away from you. After completing a simple application form for your life insurance we will deal with the insurers and keep you updated with progress and next steps.


Critical illness

Critical Illness cover – sometimes referred to as critical life insurance – gives you the piece of mind that you are financially protected in the event of a covered illness.

When looking for critical life insurance it is important to consider what illnesses are covered in the policy. Click here to find out more about critical illness


Life insurance & critical illness insurance companies

Are they all the same? The simple answer is NO.

All life insurance companies have different underwriting views and take different levels of life insurance business. Where one life insurance company may increase your premium another may not.

We use a broad range of life insurance companies to ensure you can choose the most appropriate term life insurance for your needs


Life insurance service promise

After your application for life insurance is made we will acknowledge it as soon as possible, confirming the life insurance policy you have applied for and any next steps.

We will process the life insurance application swiftly to ensure the life insurance company can begin underwriting at the earliest opportunity.

We will advise you of any additional information the life insurance company requires and then we rely on you to provide this information to the life insurance company as quickly as possible – don’t worry we will ensure you know exactly where to send the information.


What to expect from us

A bold promise – but first class service.

The process will begin with us searching for your life insurance quotes.

Once we have helped you decide on the life insurance that meets your need we will help you complete the life insurance application.

If at any point you need to contact us, you can contact our life insurance support team at support@vanilla-life.co.uk


Life insurance underwriting process

For simple term life insurance applications the underwriting process can be very quick, in a number of cases the insurer requires nothing more than the information you provide on our online life insurance application.

There are some situations though that require further medical information – this could be anything from a report on health from your GP to a medical screening. We will let you know the requirements as soon as the initial processing of your online life insurance application is complete.

If there is other medical information required in order to underwrite the life insurance application, it is important that you provide any necessary information to the life insurance company as quickly as possible – this will ensure there are no unnecessary delays in underwriting your online life insurance application.

Once all the information is received by the life insurance underwriter, processing of your application can be completed.


What our customers think about our life insurance service

"A prompt response after my life insurance application followed by first class service"

"I was charged £54/mth with Prudential for £250,000 life insurance and through Vanilla it now costs me £32. What a saving over 20yrs"


What our customers think about our life insurance service

"A simple, easy to use website. Very informative also. Thank you Vanilla Life"

"Definitely one to recommend to my friends, wonderful service"

Keeping in touch about life insurance

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